That Namaste Bitch

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otsoperasaari: Close-up

Anonymous asked: didn't you say you didn't like smoking weed a couple weeks ago?

It’s true. But there are different elements of the self. Elements that often conflict. Like, when you’re on a diet, a part of you really wants to eat a whole bag of mini eggs, but a part of you wants to have a six pack. Which one is you? You know what I mean? The self is fluid, desires are fluid. I also hate cigarettes and I literally get angry when I smell smoke, however last week I smoked 4 cigarettes. I hate hookups, but shit happens. I say I wont drink for 2 weeks then I get drunk. There are immediate urges that conflict with your deeper values. Identity is fluid. I try and keep a balance between core desires and surface desires. 


Takashi Iwasaki

We are the Rhoads

Bubble bath

George Harrison in Porto Rafti, Greece. 1979.

Tradition has it that Moses was buried inside a cave near Jordan’s Mount Nebo, from which he viewed the Promised Land before his death. A lovely cavern not far from there is curtained by a waterfall fed by Ayn Musa, the Spring of Moses.

National Geographic - January, 1976