That Namaste Bitch

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ICON for anon :) take care xo

Anonymous asked: Can you post your icon picture?

Sure thing- hol up

Anonymous asked: You make me so sexually frustrated.

Such a drag, isn’t it!?

Anonymous asked: are you ever attracted to black guys?

Ofcourse.  There is this cutie who sits in the same area of the stacks as I do at the library- he is fiiiine (Not saying he’s the only dark skinned male I find attractive- he just came to mind!)


Francesco Jodice, 2004


California. October 5th 2010.

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Anonymous asked: You truly are amazing

Thank you. Thats really kind <3

Anonymous asked: See, i love to see a lady who is proud of her boobies! Unfortunately i'm not so lucky and i'm already on the steps towards surgery but i admire you!

Well surgery is a personal choice, for sure. But I mean, I’m pretty content with other things I’ve got going for me- it’s not like nice boobs make or break a woman. Also “nice” boobs is extremely subjective. Besides, I’m much more of a fan of a good ass. And I’m extremely happy with my booty. So you know, priorities! But cheers for self love, I’m sure you’re awesome in many ways :) Hope your procedure goes smoothly and safely! xo

Anonymous asked: u got some weird titties

I love em!