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Genius. Billionaire. Playboy bunny. Champion at everything. James Franco is my ex boyfriend.
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Stop romanticizing shitty coffee there’s nothing poetic about bad coffee it’s just bad

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Need him

image from ‘home design and decorating’ by jenny plucknett, 1987
Plants which love the steamy atmosphere of a bathroom will add instant life and colour to a cold room. Use them to hide an unattractive view by placing them on glass shelves across the window. Here, a large mirror set at right angles to the window extracts double value from daylight and plant life to great effect.




baby fawn sleeping with its dead mother 


u should get that checked out

In news completely unrelated to your dashboard probably I bought a mini orchid yesterday and it really adds some colour to the mix :D

Sasha, Atlay, July 2008 by Anton le.

Anonymous asked: what the hell job does a major in english get you?

No jobs whatsoever. But you do gain all the skills necessary to becoming a first class dirty talker. Think about it- you study words, phrases, and the literary works of horny creative types. It’s basically a major in becoming an articulate sexual legend. You’re welcome. 



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Woman In Pool

Anonymous asked: What do I say in a rejection letter to a college? I had already accepted and committed to an honors program, however I was given a scholarship to another university after the fact. I want to sound as nice as possible because all of the faculty were really warm hearted and blindly opened their arms to me. I've been drafting several letters, but I just don't know how to begin!! (Georgia you love to write so I thought you would be my best bud for this situation) xoxo

Submit me your draft, my dear- I’ll look it over for ya and give you some tips! You sounds like a sweetheart though- so I wouldn’t be too concerned about sounding firm or cold- but if you’d like I’ll happily look it over :) x

Anonymous asked: When was the time you've laughed the hardest?

Any time I spend more than 10 minutes with my sister. When we went to the cinemas to watch Lucy and we exploded laughing at a piece of intimate filial dialogue. Last night when we were at the grocery store and did all these fake falls in front of grocery shoppers. Or last night when “the macarena” was playing and my sister started dancing to it in the bulk food isle. Or last night when we slowly drove past this guy in his car twice, until he followed us to the light and we were messing with him, and I asked him “Do you a penis?” and he replied, “Yea, a big one”, then I said “That’s hot. See ya.”- And we sped off then ended up at the same light. Or when my sister came to visit and she forgot that the was holding hot tea so just spontaneously let go of the mug and spilled it all over the single bed that we had to share- and all over her legs. Long story short literally any time we hang out we have those laughing fits that hurt your abs and cheeks. I’ve wet myself laughing with her too many times. True story.