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Anonymous asked: I used to be a big compulsive liar when I was young, 5-13, I lied about things like my childhood and just stupid stuff. I'm 17 now and I'm glad I've completely stopped but I'm now dating a childhood friend of mine who thinks all of those lies are true. what should I do? I'm scared to say anything because he could think I'm crazy/hate me, but I feel a big weight on my shoulders trying to keep it up

Personally I’d continue with the honesty. It’s so liberating to be open and honest and not feel the need to maintain any facades. I find you can be at peace with yourself when there aren’t lies that need to be maintained. He won’t hate you- you were a kid, people grow up.


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Anonymous asked: You advocate a be nothing and stay impartial way of thinking/living. Yet you give advice to people to guide them on how to proceed with their lives.

Sweetheart, you have no idea who I am and how I live my life on a daily basis. I’d avoid making inferenced assumptions about how I live outside the virtual realm. 


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Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler’s home in 1967. They divorced in 1971.

1. Live by example- don’t tell someone how to live their lives- inspire them by being.
2. Live lightly- don’t take things so seriously
3. Do your thing- do whatever you feel needs to be done. Don’t logic everything. Don’t intellectualize everything. Do what you feel and don’t justify it. It’s fine to intentionally make mistakes and “wrong” decisions. 
4. Enjoy people. Don’t bother with arguments, don’t bother challenging people. Laugh at their jokes, smile at their eyes, be kind.

Anonymous asked: it seems as if the only time my best friend can talk to me is when she asks if she can tell her mom she's staying at my house, just so she can go hangout with her "friend with benefits." i let her do so the first few times, but now we don't even hangout. i'm going off to college soon and i want things to be good between us, but she always says she's busy when i ask to hangout or something. i'm starting to feel used, but i don't want our friendship to go too south.

You feel used because she’s using you. She’s not making you a priority or showing you friendship. Long answer short- don’t invest time in people who don’t reciprocate the effort. It doesn’t mean she’s not a good person, but she’s not treating you like a friend- and you can’t go on potential. Don’t try and pull her back, don’t invest energy and time where it’s not wanted, appreciated or reciprocated. Relationships like that hurt. Have a place in your heart for her, but let go. There will be people who’ll appreciate you and your friendship. Give love to those.