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Anonymous asked: When I go to college in 2 years (my current plan; it changes often) is to Major in Anthropology, Minor is Spanish, go on 1 or more Study Abroad to Spanish speaking countries. I am already in a volunteer program where I go to new countries every summer. But ultimately I wan't to become a High school Art Teacher so I'll probably get my Masters Degree in Art Education. The reason I'm telling you this is because Anthropology isn't what I want my career to be its what I LOVE

Sounds like a good life ahead of ya! Have fun xo

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Jordi Huisman - Rear Window (2010)

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I’ll run to you.

Anonymous asked: my roommate in college is a big partier, she loves to drink and get dressed up and go out, but i'm afraid that she'll start bringing the party into our dorm and i'm worried that my projects (we go to an art school) will be ruined or that people will spill stuff on my bed. how can i ask her not to keep alcohol in our dorm without pissing her off? were both underage, i don't drink often, but i don't want to keep it in our fridge bc we arent allowed to have it &i don't want to get in trouble! help!

Anonymous asked: So this girl stated talking to me around winter time and we've gotten really close since. Like shes actually really cool & way the fuck out of my league so I was really confused why she wanted to chill and stuff. She'dalways come into my dorm at like 2 in the morning hammered and chill in my bed. At the beginning of summer I asked her if she wanted to be a thing. She said no and I was cool with that cuz she was actually cool to hang with. I havent seen her since and now Im like fuck now what